Notable Was Here

Why did it seem like January went on for 6 weeks while February went by in a flash? The Notable team for one, was quite busy. From Toronto Fashion week to The Concierge Club’s 5th Anniversary bash, we’ve rounded up highlights from some of the most exclusive events that took place around Toronto the past month.

The Concierge Club 5th Anniversary Party

February kicked off with a bang. Scott Disick came to town, joined by celebrity graffiti artist Alec Monopoly, OVO’s DJ Charlie B, and Hed Kandi DJ in helping to celebrate The Concierge Club’s 5 Year Anniversary.

Toronto-Fashion Week-Concierge-Club-AGO-Yayoi-Kusama-Daryn-Jones-CBC

The luxe party went down at the prestigious Globe and Mail Building. Concierge Club Founder and CEO Monica Gomez with her team executed an incredible event.

Toronto-Fashion Week-Concierge-Club-AGO-Yayoi-Kusama-Daryn-Jones-CBC

Toronto Fashion Week

Kicking off the first of Toronto’s fashion events, Yorkville Village was flooded with Canadian fashion designs. Designers brought their A-Game to crowds of Canada’s fashion influencers. Of special note was Designer Tara Rivas’ RED HOT show, which allowed guests to walk freely amongst statuesque models and included a red rose for each guest.

Toronto-Fashion Week-Concierge-Club-AGO-Yayoi-Kusama-Daryn-Jones-CBC

#BTS of “Daryn Jones Live @ CBC”

We’re very excited to be producing “Daryn Jones Live @ CBC” a digital series for the CBC. Shooting started at the end of February but thankfully the weather gods have given us their blessing with gorgeous weather! Here are some behind the scenes shots of production so far. Be on the lookout for the web series on the CBC’s website, which starts rolling out in April.

Toronto-Fashion Week-Concierge-Club-AGO-Yayoi-Kusama-Daryn-Jones-CBC

Yayoi Kusama Infinite Mirrors Exhibit at the AGO

“There is something special that happens when you turn yourself over to the infinity Yayoi Kusama has created in these artworks,” said Shiralee Hudson Hill, the interpretive planner at the AGO. Japanese artist Yayoi Kusama’s Infinite Mirrors exhibit opened to the public this month at the AGO. In February, the Notable team got a sneak peak at Kusama’s exceptionally Instagrammable works of art. Though tickets have been quite hard to come by, the AGO is releasing another round to the public online March 6, and March 10th to ticket holders. This is a show not to be missed!

Toronto-Fashion Week-Concierge-Club-AGO-Yayoi-Kusama-Daryn-Jones-CBC

Husqvarna Motorcycle Launch

Notable’s Director of Events & Social Experiences Joshua Seaton attended the launch of Husqvarna’s newest line of “street models”: The VITPILEN 401, VITPILEN 701, and SVARTPILEN 401. The event was held at the Chelsea Gallery District of New York City which was the perfect minimalist space to highlight the sleek features of Husqvarana’s new line – made with the intention to return to the classic Swedish design Husqvarna is celebrated for that is free of unnecessary excesses.

Toronto-Fashion Week-Concierge-Club-AGO-Yayoi-Kusama-Daryn-Jones-CBC

Spring is in the air and we’re looking forward to everything coming up in March. If you think we should know about your event, slide into our DMs.