Notable Wants You: We’re Looking for Canada’s Best Social Content Creator

Think you have what it takes to help curate what’s Notable in Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver, and Calgary? Then you’re going to want to keep reading.

We’re on the hunt for a new Notable team member to work out of our Toronto office, aka the Notable Lounge. If you win, you won’t just get the job, you’ll also get a sweet title: Social Content Creator. (Oh, and a competitive salary too.) Caught your attention? Good. Here’s who we’re looking for: 

If you’re going to win this contest you should be someone who’s already living a notable lifestyle and someone who’s passionate about sharing that lifestyle with the rest of the world.  We’re not looking for an ‘influencer’, oh no, we’re looking for someone who influences the influencer. For instance, we don’t want the person who asked this question, we want the person who knows the answer. 

Our new Social Content Creator will be someone who doesn’t just eat, sleep, and breathe digital and social media, but also sees the bigger picture and understands the power that a piece of compelling content has to entertain and engage. They’ll be as equally adept at using social media as they are talented at producing video and photography-driven content. If digital is where you live, thrive, and dream, then you’re someone we’re looking for. 

Qualifications – some of the things you should have already done:

– University or College Degree in Film, Communications, Photography or similar program
– Expert level in social media channels (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram)
– Advance knowledged of not only producing content, but getting it seen and shared
– 3+ years experience shooting/editing video and photos
– Fluent in English, French is a plus

As Social Content Creator, here are a few of the things you’ll be up to:

Social Media

– You’ll be the voice of Notable’s social media channels
– Strategically creating messaging to optimize content on
– Developing campaigns that engage our current audience and continue to grow it

Video Content

 – Producing professional web video content including event coverage, video bumpers, and promotional videos


– Shooting photography for editorial, event coverage, and social distribution

Before all this, however, we want to see you put your skills to the test and show us why you deserve the spot. Think you’re up for it? Just follow the guidelines below. 

Phase 1: Interested in what you’ve read above? Send us your details to the address below.
Phase 2: If we like what we read, you’ll be selected for an introductory interview.
Phase 3: If you kill said interview, you’ll be chosen to participate in the competition stage of the contest: a three-week series where you’ll be tasked with creating three social content adventures that, once posted on, have to earn votes.
Phase 4: At the end of the three-week series, the contestant with the most collective votes from all three content creations (subject to our CEO’s approval) will win the position.  

So it’s kind of like a popularity contest, only one that actually lets the value of your work win and not someone who just happens to punch people in the face.   

Email us at


#LYNL | (Live Your Notable Life)

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