Notable Tube: Top 5 Winter Weather Fails

With a large portion of Canada being either buried under ice or extreme winter chill, we thought what better way to kick off our Notable Tube series than laughing at these unfortunate souls that had to endure the fierceness of Mother Nature across the world. Now, usually we wouldn’t condone poking fun at the misery of others, but let’s face it, we have all experienced some of their awkward moments in one way or another. So, young professionals, the verdict here is to bundle up Eskimo-style, don’t avoid putting on your winter tires, and learn some ice walking etiquette. Oh, and a tad of advice: When attending a spa at a Japanese ski resort, just be wary of any rotating chairs and secret openings… you’ll know what we mean when you scroll down.

1. Jump through ice – FAIL!

There is really not much to be said about this except that he deserved the outcome… come on!

2. The Princess and her BMW

Yes, princess, you just keep tapping that snow away like a little ballerina and push your car while your engine is still on in hopes that it won’t crash into the house that’s two feet away. It’s okay, because she most likely forgot to have her extra-skim, double caramel, mint mocha before driving – that tends to fog up your judgment.

3. Dublin ice is scary!

We can’t even criticize this poor guy since we all had this happen to us. The only thing to note is the speed of his swagger, which may have been a trigger to this epic bail. Walking like the ground under you might crack at any minute might not be attractive or look normal, but it should be everyone’s mantra in these conditions! 

4. That was a bad idea

 No kidding that was a bad idea, Rob. First of all, you’re standing smack dab in the middle of all the tubing action expecting by some miracle that these tubes, which by the way don’t have a steering wheel, will go around you. Secondly, as you see with your own eyes that this tube is clearly heading your way, your reporter ego just keeps talking away. That flip, however, was Olympic worthy, 9 out of 10 from the Notable team.

5. Japanese ski resort visitors beware!

There is nothing more relaxing than peeling off your frozen ski suit after a long day of riding, stepping into a steaming spa and taking a seat to cool off for a few minutes… apparently not in Japan. They decided to take the other route and create the ultimate prank with three key ingredients: snow, public and nudity. What better way to get into the winter spirit, right?