Notable Travel Guide: Montreal

When you’re visiting Montreal, it helps to know the coolest and most notable spots that you should not miss. This way, you can ensure you get the full, authentic Montreal experience and don’t fall into all the usual tourist traps. For young professionals visiting Montreal, there is no lack of great restaurants to eat at, bars, clubs and lounges to drink at, and boutiques to shop at. Below are the top Must Sees and Dos in each category, according to us, the Notable folk.

Garde Manger (408 Francois Xavier) and Le Bremner (361 St. Paul East)
Both owned by the same people, yet very different. Garde Manger focuses more on comfort food with a gourmet twist, while Le Bremner’s focus is small plates with a seafood twist. Both are equally delish and two of the coolest places to eat in the city.

Joe Beef and Liverpool House (2491 and 2501 Notre Dame West)
Again a duo both owned by the same people, Joe Beef and Liverpool House, located side by side, offer up comfort food with a local French bistro influence in cozy, cool environments. At Joe Beef, enjoy the outdoor garden terrace and their intense selection of meat dishes; at Liverpool House enjoy the younger more laid-back vibe with seaside cottage charm.

Le Filet (219 Mont Royal West)
This small tapas style restaurant, and also voted Montreal’s best new seafood spot, is a great place to go with friends and enjoy shared plates and good wine.

La Salle a Manger (1302 Mont-Royal East)
This favourite plateau French bistro pumps out decadent dishes with an edgy twist. The stacked menu will not disappoint and the vibe is about as hip as it gets.

Icehouse (51 Roy East)
This laid-back southwestern restaurant serves up tacos, burritos, fried chicken and ribs (and even oysters and shrimp) in a complete brasserie-type atmosphere. Sit on picnic benches and eat with your hands, cool off with a bourbon-spiked iced tea, and enjoy your night.

Garde Manger (408 Francois Xavier)
We know this is a repeat, but it’s here for a reason. Garde Manger is one of the coolest Old Port parties around. The venue is small but the tunes are great and the crowd is hot.

Philemon (111 St. Paul West)
Known as the ‘new kid on the block’ when it comes to Old Montreal hot spots for a dance party, Philemon has quickly become the trendiest, most hipster-friendly spot around.

Baldwin Barmacie (115 Laurier West)
This lounge is cool and confident every night of the week. Stop by for a cocktail and sit back and relax to the sounds of great music with great friends.

Bar Waverly (5550 St. Laurent)
This is the hot Mile End neighbourhood bar/lounge where you want to be every night of the week. Once you try it, it will no doubt become your traveling watering hole.

Koko (8 Sherbrooke West)
If it’s the swanky supper club vibe you’re looking for, Koko has it all. Located in the Opus Hotel, this club has some of the hottest people in Montreal frequenting through its doors and drinking on its terrace most weekend nights.

Boutique Duo (30 Prince Arthur West)
This men’s-only boutique has both a casual section as well as a high-end fashion rack. Their lines are unique and their look is one you will want to adopt the second you walk in.

Rooney (395 Notre Dame West)
This cozy men’s and women’s boutique in Old Montreal carries some of the coolest and most notable clothing lines in the city.

Holt Renfrew (1300 Sherbrooke West)
The old faithful, Holts…and Montreal has one!

Editorial (1455 Stanley)
This newish women’s clothing boutique offers a wide array of some of the coolest clothes in the city but at a very affordable rate. Look trendy and don’t break the bank!

Image courtesy Creative Commons.