Notable Toronto New Year’s Eve Guide 2014

This is it – the only midnight that matters. We promise that where you choose to spend the 31st is just as important as who you’re with and what you’re wearing (not to mention what you’re drinking). Hence why we’ve put together the ultimate list of NYE options for young professionals (YPs) in Toronto. So stay with us, cause over the next week we’ll roll out and recommend every desirable destination this city has to offer. From hotels to restaurants, and clubs to events (coming tomorrow), we’re going to let you know all the best ways you can step into 2014 in style. So choose wisely, YP. The celebration may only last one night, but if play your cards right you could be talking about it all year. 

Click here for the best NYE club parties.

Click here for the must-attend hotel galas.

Click here for the top NYE dining options.

Click here for something out-of-the-box this NYE. 

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Cover Image: JustASmallTownGirl.Net