Notable Toronto Getaway: Maria’s Bed and Breakfast

It’s rough as Young Professionals to get a week off work, let alone a long weekend or early afternoon. That’s why so many YPs are opting for short yet sweet destinations not too far from home. With summer finally here, and the itch for some out-of-town rest and relaxation almost too much to bear, we thought it an apt time to showcase some fantastic getaways not-too-far from Toronto. The first stop: Maria’s Bed and Breakfast in Niagara-on-the-Lake.

Maria B and B

Maria’s B&B is a quaint and comforting country home run by J and Marielle. These delightfully hospitable hosts have ensured that Maria’s B&B will cater to all of your needs during your short stay. Old world charm and rustic elegance await at this bed and breakfast, conveniently located in Niagara-on-the-Lake’s Old Town.

Maria B and B

Maria’s Bed and Breakfast offers three luxurious rooms for their guests: the Bordeaux Suite – elegant, spacious, and romantic, with a jacuzzi tub and private balcony; the Treetop Suite – combining a beautiful king-size sleigh bed, gas fireplace, and vaulted ceilings; and the Laura Lynn Suite – the largest and most open of the suites, with a separate living area and whirlpool tub. Theses spaces are all characteristically charming, while being luxe and elegant for young professionals yearning for a romantic getaway that doesn’t seem too far displaced from city life.

Maria's Bed and Breakfast

You won’t go stir crazy at this B&B either: Maria’s is an experience that won’t cut you off from technology, offering wi-fi – as much as we wish, checking emails is an inevitability when away from the office – DVD players and cable television. (But hopefully, you won’t be watching a rerun of Entourage when in this romantic atmosphere, right?)

Maria's B and B

While it may not be the same as a week-long trip to Bermuda, Maria’s Bed and Breakfast offers stylish luxury a few hours outside Toronto’s DT core.

Stay tuned for tomorrow’s notable getaway not-too-far from Toronto. Here’s a hint: BYOW is not an acronym you’ll see at this establishment…