The Notable Guide to Tipping Like an Adult

You work hard to pay the bills week after week.

So when that sweet, sweet paycheck arrives, it’s only fair that you do something nice for number one.

Maybe your idea of blowing off steam consists of a night on the town or dinner out with friends. Then again, it might look more like an evening of wine and pizza delivered to your door.

No matter what ‘me time’ looks like to you, there’s always that moment when you and the service professional catering to your special night lock eyes, and you feel that sinking feeling in your wallet. After all, tipping is a pretty normal adult thing – you should have this cheat sheet memorized.

In case you don’t (and we won’t tell, if that’s the case!), our tipping guide outlines five common scenarios in which you have probably found yourself in.


Tipping at a restaurant
Tipping a server at a sit-down restaurant is probably the most common scenario out of this list. The majority of sources agree that 15-20% is the standard acceptable rate for a successfully completed service.

Getting takeout? Tip is not obligatory. However, if you had a particularly large or complex order, it’s encouraged for the customer to tip 10% for the extra service.


Tipping a delivery person
If you’re not feeling the whole social scene, dinner brought straight to your front door after a tough week may be just what the doctor ordered. In most cases, $2-$4 should cover the 10%-15% tip for delivery drivers. However, be prepared to shell out a little more in bad weather… and be grateful it’s not you out in the rain!


Tipping a bartender
Grabbing drinks from the bar? While cocktails are pricey, it’s important not to forget to thank the bartender who made it for you. The general rule is $1 per drink, so don’t forget to bring a couple of loonies along with you.


Tipping a hairstylist
Everyone knows at least one person who is weirdly obsessed with how their hair looks. Even the average person freaks out over a botched haircut. So what do you do when you find a soulmate in a stylist? Keep them happy. 15-20% is the going rate for tips at salons – that goes for both cuts and colouring.


Tipping a cab driver
Cab drivers get you to where you need to go, fast. And when you’re homeward-bound at 3am after a night of partying, tipping might not be the first thing on your mind. Make a note: 10-18% is the going rate for a typical taxi ride.

For those less-than-savvy at math, there are tons of tip calculator apps out there, so there’s no excuse for skipping the tip. Just remember that these service providers work just as hard as you do, so do your fellow humans a favour and acknowledge their dedicated service constructively. You never know if you’ll be in a similar position someday, and it never hurts to bank those karma brownie points.

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