Notable Teamed Up with to Play Matchmaker Last Night

“Is this against the rules?” asked one well-dressed young professional female after striking up a conversation at the bar with a gentleman.

After all, it was her first time.

It was also the first time for many guests as they pilled into the Distillery District’s Stirling Room last night. Many were nervous, as they glanced around anxiously sipping their drinks. 

In an age of online dating, very few had ever tried the speed-dating route.

But we figured that online dating is essentially a fulltime job and that maybe they could use a little help connecting with that special someone without a computer screen being part of the equation.
As in, IRL (in real life).  

That’s why we teamed up with FastLife for an exclusive speed-dating event that featured 40 of the city’s finest young professionals. As it turns out, you can learn a lot about someone in the four-minute timeframe. 

“You have to ask the right questions and make every minute count,” said one guest at the midpoint break, where thirsty speed daters converged around the bar.

From the looks of it, the booze succeeded in breaking the ice; handfuls of potential couples chatted away with their respective locations before moving on to the next.

“It’s actually going pretty well,” said a female guest. “I wasn’t sure what to think at first, but I’ve been pleasantly surprised with all the guys I’ve met and the conversations we’ve had.”

As for any connection; “There are a few I am definitely into,” she told us.

From the sounds of it, it’s safe to say that we definitely succeeded in facilitating more than a couple of connections – apparently a group of ladies and gents even hit the town together after the event. 

So for those of you who were in attendance, feel free to send our wedding invite to the office. 


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