Notable Team of the Week: Muthins

It’s no secret that exceptional work stems from the power of collaboration. So in addition to featuring notable young professionals and entrepreneurs every single day, we’ll be chatting with some of Canada’s best teams every Thursday to get an inside look at how they combine talents to stand out in their industry. Today we’re talking to the team behind Muthins in Montreal…


Describe what you and your team focus on in less than 140 characters. Go.
As a small unit, we work closely together to build and grow our Muthins revolution and reach as many healthy communities as possible.

What kick ass projects/programs have you been working on recently?
We’ve just completed our vegan/ gluten-free line. Working closely with our co-packers, we’ve discovered the secret to getting the perfect rise without using any eggs or milk (a baker’s nightmare). Partnering up with TEDx events in Canada to help promote young entrepreneurs and encourage women in the work force has been an initiative that we are really proud of too.

What are some of the benefits of working on a team?
The start-up life can be very lonely when you’re an individual entrepreneur. Beyond having a team to bounce ideas off of, your team keeps you sane and focused when times get chaotic. Having their support when you lose motivation or have a tough day is crucial. Along with the lows comes being able to ride those highs too. There is NOTHING better than riding them with a team that worked together and being able to share that feeling of success.

What are some of the biggest challenges you have faced?
So we decided to be authentic and resourceful for our first demo display by making a lemonade-like stand out of recycled wood. Appealing and unique, yes. Easy to manage and move around? Absolutely not. We recently had an experience at an event where our display dropped out of our hands down a staircase. We had to improvise on the spot and create a demo set-up with the wooden recoveries and some boxes we found in store; it was hilarious.


Do you have any advice for other young professionals working within a team?
Your team is everything. When VCs are investing in your company, they are investing mostly in your team. Make sure that your team is diversified and that your skillsets don’t overlap too much. Your team members should be able to do what you can’t, or do it better. Most importantly, make sure your team members are passionate about the product and brand they work for. Without the passion, jumping the hurdles and surpassing the unknowns may be difficult and lead to a higher chance of burning out when times get rough.

Does your team have a designated leader?
Our founder and CEO, Ali Beloff, leads the team, ensuring all decisions and projects are in line with the brand vision and mission. However, all strategic planning is done together.

What does the word collaboration mean to you?
Collaboration for us means listening and being receptive and open-minded to each of our opinions, approaches, and ways of thinking. The four of us are very diverse in skillset, personality, and work method and we have learned to respect and adapt to our different ways.

What has been you and your teams favourite project/campaign/ initiative to work on and why?
Being an exhibitor at the 2016 Expo Manger Santé trade show. It was our first big show, our first set of three all-nighters, and our first real taste of successful teamwork.



Where is your team’s favourite place to wine/dine in your city and why?
Venice MTL in Old Montreal; amazing food, very chill vibe, and perfect ambiance for us to laugh and enjoy.

Do you and your team go out together? Where and why?
Our office is in the Plateau area so we do 5-7s at Rachelle-Rachelle or Buvette Chez Simone when we need our fix. It’s important to bond and be human together outside of the grind.

What’s the best thing that has happened to you and your team recently?
We’ve had two big milestones this quarter, one being listed with Sobeys and Metro and the other hitting our highest order last week.

Are there any other teams within your company or any company that you know of that are killing it?
The Montreal food start-up community is really strong and we’ve had the luxury of working alongside a few other companies that we relate to and share the same philosophy. Café Liegeois, Oatbox, Cult Yogurt, Otago Real Foods and Evive are all killing it.

And finally, what does success look like to you and your team? Work, play, or otherwise…
Success is being able to have Muthins accessible to every health community in North America; retail-wise through Wholefoods and Trader Joes, and on the café front through Starbucks or Second Cup. We want to know that our easy, healthy snacks can be in the hands of any customer, from those on the go to families.

It also means being able to live a balanced life beyond the success; finding time for ourselves whether it be with friends and family, fitness, travel, adventure, etc.

As a company, we dream big. We’d love to be able to travel to some of the most inspirational food hubs of the world like Japan or Italy. Beyond tasting and being exposed to new ways, we would be able to take these innovations back home with us to share with our communities.