Notable Team of the Week: Miku

It’s no secret that exceptional work stems from the power of collaboration. So in addition to featuring notable young professionals and entrepreneurs every single day, we’ll be chatting to some of Canada’s best teams every Thursday to get an inside look at how they combine talents to stand out in their industry. Today we’re talking to the team behind Toronto sushi restaurant, Miku


1. Describe what you and your team focus on in less than 140 characters. Go.
Our main focus is ensuring the happiness of each and every employee at the restaurant as well as every guest that walks through the door.

2. What kick-ass projects / programs have you been working on recently?
We are currently planning our new menu. The most exciting thing about this for us is getting to showcase seasonal and local ingredients – items we haven’t always had the chance of working with in Vancouver. The menu is also a collaboration between the chefs, management, and servers as they all get to taste/give feedback.

3. What are some of the benefits of working on a team?
We actually see our team as more of a family – we all have deep respect and trust for each other and share the same passion for food and service. We share this passion with the guests that walk through our doors hoping to create a unique and warm dining experience.

4. What are some of the biggest challenges you have faced? 
When we were first setting up the restaurant, many of our management team came from Vancouver and we were set up in a house together in the Fashion District. Living in close quarters with people you work with can be challenging, it’s a lot like having a big, dysfunctional family. But we all grew closer together because of it.

5. Do you have any advice for other young professionals working within a team?
Respect and communication are key to working within a team.


6. Does your team have a designated leader?
We have leaders for specific areas of the restaurant – guest services, sushi bar, kitchen and front of house management. In this way, we all come together as a team to make each other and our restaurant better.

7. Within your organization are teams switched up every once in a while or do they maintain the same? What are some of the benefits and cons of that?
Our management team, for the most part, remains the same. Promoting from within is an important aspect of the company, so a lot of the time you will see servers or other positions moving up into management as well.

8. What does the word collaboration mean to you?
We know that making the guests’ experience exceptional is a team effort. We pay attention to the details, big and small, to make sure the quality of food, atmosphere, and service all come together to create the perfect experience. With the same goal in mind, we all work together to make something great.

9. What has been you and your teams favorite project/campaign/ initiative to work on and why?
So far, being part of the Taste of Toronto has been a favourite event to work on. Our Vancouver team came together with our Toronto team to showcase our restaurant and food to the city. We had a lot of fun getting to meet some of the other chefs and the foodies of Toronto.



1. Where is your team’s favourite place to wine / dine in your city and why?
Bar Isabel hands down. We love to go there and share their wonderful food and dining experience. The wine list is also amazing!

2. Do you and your team go out together? Where and why?
We do whenever we get the chance! Karaoke is the best place to unwind and get silly after a long day at the restaurant. We’ve also been known to let loose at Cold Tea.

3. What’s the best thing that has happened to you and your team recently?
We have a lot of big fans in Vancouver, and some of them have been dropping by the Toronto location when they are in town. When we get praise from guests that know our concept, food, and service front and back, we know we’re doing something right!


4. Are there any other teams within your company or any company that you know of that are killing it?
Our Gyoza Bar team in Vancouver has been coming up with some really amazing dishes – putting a unique spin on some Japanese favourites.

5. And finally, what does success look like to you and your team? Work, play, or otherwise…
Success is when the restaurant is running smoothly, everyone is happy, and you can really look over the floor and say “We did this.”