Notable Style: Robert Graham’s Founder Robert Stock at Harry Rosen

The Notable team recently had a chance to garner style-savvy tips from esteemed founding designer, Robert Stock – the man behind the wildly popular NYC-based, Robert Graham label.

Surrounded by a vast array of pieces ranging from bespoke pinstripe suits to elaborate belts to playfully embellished shirts, we nabbed a few moments of face time with Mr. Stock to chat about his notable ideas on dress for young professionals, and what helps make his designs so noteworthy.

Having jetted in a few hours earlier, Mr. Stock greeted us with a warm handshake before inviting us to sit with him at Vancouver’s Harry Rosen boutique. Donned in clothes from his current collection, we were impressed by his charm, openness, and obvious passion for fashion stemming from more than 40 years navigating through a competitive industry.

Note this: Where Robert’s designs are concerned, it’s all in the details – no matter how miniscule it might seem.

With a career working under the tutelage of Ralph Lauren (heading up the CHAPS label), Robert Stock knows his stuff. Upon the 2001 launch of his Robert Graham line, Robert explained to us how he believes his collections have managed to stand out successfully. His pieces are focused on quality over quantity, and not meant to have you looking like the next person. The design process draws on cultural, artistic and lifestyle influences (look for the influence of stained glass this season) to assist in creating individualized pieces. As Robert pointed out, no two items are ever the same, right down to the embroidered stitching, custom silks, intricate piping, and much more, with fabric being sourced from as far away as Turkey and India.

Pieces from his ever-expanding collection are made with love and meant to be loved with the words “Knowledge Wisdom Truth” discreetly woven into each garment to carry out a sentiment that Stock holds close.

Speaking of expanding: Stock noted that the line has plenty to offer young professionals looking to add something special to their wardrobe; especially when it comes to timeless, conversation-starting pieces such as the line’s men’s (and now ladies’) dress shirts. Wickedly-cut denim, belts and sweaters are just a few of the items that fall into the Robert Graham mix. Stock slyly hinted that there’s more to come down the style pipeline: shoes are set to saunter down runways very soon.

When we asked Robert to suit-up with a few top picks for our notable readers looking for some retail guidance, he happily obliged. Selecting a sleek and simple shirt as a start, he then grabbed a soft grey pull-over before reaching for a multi-tasking blazer before arriving at a polished look.

Throughout our time speaking with Robert, Calgary-based artist James Wyper had been invited to create a real-time original piece to commemorate the Robert Graham collection. Wyper explained how he set out to capture the eclectic, playful, yet classic designs of Robert Stock: drawing on bold patterns and a fusion of vintage motifs to illustrate the innovative style such a part of this unique brand.

Click here to check out the gallery from the event.

Learn more about Robert Graham clothing available throughout Canada by visiting Harry Rosen.