Notable Spots for a Quick Lunch Downtown

We know how busy young professionals’ daily schedules can be – oftentimes it’s difficult to escape the desktop, let alone cruise out for a proper break and bite. We’ve done some sleuthing around town to come up with a few edible reasons that might tempt you to make the traverse away from the cafeteria…whether it’s to revisit or try out for the first time, your stomach will thank you for it.  

Railtown Cafe and Catering recently popped up on our radar after we noshed on their goodies at an event for Lifetime Collective’s Spring/Summer ’13 collection (more on that later).  Located around the corner from the Hootsuite HQ in this developing, industrial area just east of Gastown, we loved the stripped-down look of the room, a casual yet funky vibe and lively atmosphere…not to mention the food! Whether it’s something sweet (sticky buns, muffins), savoury (fall vegetable soups) or more filling (try their chicken club or Reuben sandwiches with meats prepped using the sous-vide method), you’ll find something for every palette. Pay a visit to their fresh salad bar that boasts plenty of healthy fixings guaranteed to fill your belly. Find them at 397 Railway Street.

Long a notable go-to for young professionals, Finch’s Tea and Coffee House (353 W.Pender) is on our go-to list when searching for a quick bite (though requires a bit of patience – it’s just that popular).  We got smart and called ahead to pre-order our lunch before dashing away from the desk. Known for their signature sandwiches, Finch’s is a winner. Try one of their baguettes loaded with goodies like brie cheese, pear, toasted walnuts and prosciutto, or sample from a selection of salads and freshly baked treats (don’t leave before nabbing a chocolate chip cookie fresh from the oven). Worth noting: we’re patiently awaiting the opening of their second location at 501 West Georgia sometime soon.

Have a hankering for a hot dog with a twist? Head over to Japadog’s standalone location at 530 Robson where you can up the ante on your order to include a shake and fries (not available at their street cart spots). One of Vancouver’s earliest street vendors to shake things up where traditional hot dogs are concerned, Japadog has all but cornered the market. They offer 20 different styles of ‘dogs’ featuring unique Asian-influenced toppings such as shredded seaweed, grated daikon, bonito flakes and more.  It’s definitely worth biting into if you haven’t tried already.

Hubbub Sandwiches (859 Hornby) is oftentimes packed with off-duty lawyers, clerks and what not (given its location next to the Law Courts), but don’t let that keep you away from this delicious little lunch gem located right downtown. It’s a cozy spot with ample seating for busy folks in need of an escape from the office. All sandwiches start with the basics and progress to a ‘style it yourself’, no-fuss menu wherein you pick your protein, add a tasty salad or soup and refuel with your choice of beverage (they’re licensed, too).

Photo courtesy Japadog