Notable Sights in Montreal (Part 1)

Montreal is an amazing city to travel to when it comes to sightseeing. This beautiful city, situated on an island that is also a mountain, has so many sightseeing options it’s hard to know where to start. Between the old city architecture and museums to its beautiful parks, you can keep your days busy during short visits simply by walking the city and looking around (get your instagram ready!). There are so many spots to tackle, and it is impossible for us to choose just a few, so we have decided to break this article up in three parts to ensure you have all the information when it comes to sightseeing in the belle ville!

Basilique Notre-Dame-de-Montreal
In English it translates to ‘Our Lady of Montreal Basilica’, and what it offers is one of the most amazing sights when it comes to wow-factor churches in North America. Located in the heart of Old Montreal, this 1829 church boasts 228-foot twin towers in the front as well as thousands of 24-karat gold stars peppered all over its blue ceiling. We cannot help but mention the fact that its 12-ton bass bell is the largest that exists in North America. It is a sight worth seeing on your foot travels through the Old city.

Pointe-A-Calliere Archaeology and History Museum
What is most attractive about this Montreal ‘sight to be seen’ is the fact that is an entirely modern glass building. But on top of the outside aesthetics, it’s impressive audiovisual show takes you through a tour of Montreal’s history; an elevator ride down to the 17th century is one to not miss. They have found a way to recreate for its visitors an archaeological div that takes you to the foundations of the city.  It is not only visually entertaining but also very interesting and worth the visit.

Chalet du Mont-Royal
One of the most notable things to do in Montreal when visiting is to take a hike up to the terrace in front of the Chalet du Mont Royal.  Not only is it the best spot to get a full view of the city, but inside the chalet is a collection of murals depicting scenes from Canadian history.  On clear days, be prepared to be able to see Monts St-Bruno, St-Hilaire, and St. Gregoire (Mont Royal’s sister mountains).  Prepare yourself for a hike and enjoy the view!