Notable Road Trip: Point Roberts, WA

This relatively miniscule portion of the US is pretty much only accessible through a border crossing located at Tsawwassen – having just fallen below the 49th parallel. Located about a 40-minute or so drive from downtown Vancouver, it makes for an easy getaway and – given the population sits at around 2000, with that more than doubling during summer – begs for a relaxed attitude. Even the US border guards seem to be generally more chilled out.

Upon arrival, if you’re not heading directly to someone’s cabin at Maple Beach (a popular destination for most visitors), head into the town for a sampling of what Point Roberts has to offer.

Head to Brewster’s Fine Foods and stock up on all the gourmet fixings you’ll need for a picnic. This local hot spot is known for providing plenty of fresh produce, organic goods and ready-made meals perfect for beachgoers. It also doubles as a restaurant/Cafe for those wanting to settle in for a meal and quality (cheap!) wine to quaff. Be sure to score yourself a seat on their patio that provides a stunning view of the ocean and will have you feeling utterly relaxed.

Another option for those looking to grab grub with a view can be found at the South Beach House. With their specialty being seafood, be sure you order up a healthy selection of freshly caught offerings to go with your cocktails. Stunning waterfront views and a garden setting guarantee a low-key experience… that is until you spot Orca whales off the coast (as often happens)  Talk about live entertainment.

“The Bob,” as it’s affectionately known, also offers a huge selection of hiking trails that are perfect for adding a bit of cardio into the mix. Head out to Lily Point Marine Reserve or Lighthouse Park and explore the area by foot. You’ll be treated to stunning views and a 200-foot high vantage point. 

The waters of Point Roberts are abundant with marine life and extra warm during summer months given its microclimate (they’ve got the mildest average temperature in the Northwest).

Before you head home, load up on your duty-free quota for the day, fuel up on gas and relish the fact that you’ll be home within the hour.

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