Notable Road Trip: Gros Morne National Park, Newfoundland

I recently had the opportunity to test drive the 2014 Chevrolet Silverado and the invitation did not come as one might expect. A few media types weren’t just going to Oshawa to check out the redesigned vehicle; we were to get on (and off) the road in a very picturesque part of Newfoundland. Gros Morne National Park was designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1987 and offers a rich landscape, as well as opportunities to catch a variety of wildlife in their natural habitat. It was the ultimate environment to try out a truck that’s been aerodynamically enhanced for greater fuel efficiency. Only 30 hours in destination, so no time to stop for gas on this trip!


Neddie’s Harbour Inn, located on the banks of Bonne Bay, is ideal for anyone seeking serenity. All rooms are spacious, modern and tastefully furnished with all the amenities. Travelling with the family? Fully-equipped cottages are just a short walk from the inn’s front door. I should also mention that the staff was incredibly helpful with everything from getting us settled and acquainted with the area to recommending the perfect wine to sip while savouring the views in the lounge.

Well, drive. The surrounding scenery is nothing short of epic. Our customized Silverado route took us from the airport to Trout River, around to the northern edges of Bonne Bay. On day two, we started at Norris Point and cruised right up to the lighthouse at Lobster Cove. We got to spend time in the town of Woody Point and at the nearby Discovery Centre.

Any one of these highlighted landmarks are launching points for self-guided cycling or walking tours, or half-day hiking trips. From Norris Point or Rocky Harbour you can get out on the water for an afternoon of fishing or whale watching. There is 260 kilometers of coastline for kayakers to explore and Bonne Bay is one place to get on board via a private operator.

If in doubt, simply ask a super friendly local. These natives will never send you down the wrong path, or let you get lost for that matter.


Dinner at the inn’s Black Spruce Restaurant is a delicious way to end a day. Fresh local ingredients are used to create gourmet meals that accommodate any diet.

The Cat Stop in Norris Point combines pub grub with local entertainment and breathtaking views of the surrounding Tablelands.

Not far from the water’s edge is Justin Thyme Bean & Bistro. Seasoned chef Justin George serves up internationally inspired salads and wraps, as well as providing a fresh flip on the traditional fish burger.

The Old Loft Restaurant in Woody Point is quintessential Newfie cuisine. We lunched on codfish cakes paired with sweet baked beans and a summer salad; their gift shop is a good spot to pick up locally-made goodies, accessories and housewares. 


Because weather conditions are unpredictable and the park is so vast, whatever vehicle you choose should be kitted out with an OnStar system. Few phone networks operate in this area, and even if they do, service is guaranteed to be spotty. The Silverado’s embedded telematics system ensured our safe navigation and that we were always connected. Although, smartphones will stay charged up with the truck’s 110-volt outlet and cord management system. Oh, and those heated seats (back and bum!) made the drive all the more comfortable.

Alternatively, WestJet flies direct from Toronto and into Deer Lake, Newfoundland. From there, it’s less than an hour drive into Gros Morne.

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The trip to Newfoundland was generously sponsored by Chevrolet Canada. However, they did not review or approve this article.