Notable Restaurants and Bars Open on Labour Day in Montreal

We all know how frustrating it can be to find great places to eat and drink on national holidays (when so many things are closed). In general, Mondays in Montreal are difficult because so many of the coolest spots are closed to begin with, holiday or not! To make things easier for you, we have developed a list of restaurants and bars that stay open for business on Labour Day (and of course, they are also notable places, so it’s worth getting there!)

Restaurants (Lunch)
Beautys (93 Mont Royal West)
Chez Nick (1377 Greene)
m:brgr (2025 Drummond)
Le Pois Penche (1230 Maisonneuve West)
Vasco Da Gama (1472 Peel)
Burgundy Lion (2496 Notre Dame West)
Verses Sky Bar (100 St. Paul West)

Restaurants (Dinner)
Le Bremner (361 St. Paul East)
Taverne (1 Westmount Square)
L’Express (3927 St. Denis)
Ginger (16 Pins East)
Buvette Chez Simone (4869 Parc)
Faros (362 Fairmont West)
Milos (5357 Parc)

Bar Waverly (5550 St. Laurent) – pictured above (hopefully that was obvious)
Baldwin Barmacie (115 Laurier West)
Burgundy Lion (2496 Notre Dame West)
Sparrow (5322 St. Laurent)
Reservoir (9 Deluth East)