Notable Restaurant Trends

Burgers, comfort food, tacos, food trucks, casual fine dining, grilled cheese, pizza, Italian anything (obviously), and the list goes on for the city’s food trends of the past couple of years. Let’s be honest, though, whether you love or hate trends in the restaurant scene, it’s the patrons’ flocking to gobble up the latest that sets them on fire and the returning clients that validate their creation in the first place. What’s next/happening now in the city? We’ve found a few indicators, and thought of a couple we’d love to see happening. Check them out below…

Gourmet Sandwiches

Okay, so maybe it’s not necessarily a new trend, but it has taken a little while to gain full steam because so there are so many different versions that can be made, even in just the sandwich composition itself. Want it on baguette? Check. Fresh ciabatta buns? Yup, got those too. Banh-mi? Better believe it. Check out recently opened shops like SLICED, This End Up Sandwiches and Cocktails (a double whammy), and Banh-Mi Boys (re-opening on the 26th after some renovations).


Small But Certain

One trend we sort of love but truly hate when it comes to having to wait an hour for a table is the tininess of exciting restaurants opening. Chanteclar seats about 26. Grand Electric has room for about 35. At Pachuco you’re looking about maybe 24 spots. We get it, real estate is pricey, and restaurants are moving in a boutique direction. But if you’re going to play it small but certain, please, dear restaurants, let us make a reservation.

No Reservations

Speaking of the small fries who refuse to allow us to call in a time, why aren’t a lot of other taking our old-school rings? We’re busy YPs…waiting is often not on our personal menus. Gusto 101 isn’t that tiny – it fits about 80 and that will double with the two patios opening there this summer – so why can’t we get some prime table-state? Dear Guu, we go gaga for your izakaya stylings. 416 Snack Bar let us come snack off with ya. Please, restaurants, take our calls. Sincerely, Notable.

Canadian Cuisine is Finally Getting Some Love

Keriwa Cafe, Bannock, Hopgood’s Foodliner are all serving up great Canadian cuisine with a gourmet twist. For a long time it was decidedly uncool, we suppose, to give our country’s tried-and-true dishes their just desserts. Partly because it’s hard to say what exactly constitutes Canadian cuisine, partly because so much of it based on 1960s ideas of bland comfort foods. But we’re getting there in regards to a national culinary identity…it’s just taking awhile.