Notable Restaurant Review: L’Unita, Two Ways

Benvenuto a casa. Welcome home. It’s only down the street – on the edge of Yorkville – but you’ll quickly feel like you’re in the bosom of heart and home. All young professionals need a little L’Unita. It’s THE place to decompress, relax and simply enjoy some of the finest Italian cuisine the city has to offer. 

The focus of this cozy Yorkville ristorante is where it should be: on the food; house-made pastas, pristine ingredients and pastries that dissolve on your tongue. Combined with the embrace of the Yorkville twinkle, grandmotherly décor and “as if I’ve known them forever” service, you’ll find yourself experiencing a culinary bear hug. From bread to brulée, your affection will last right through to the last bite.

Dipped in velvety olive oil, the delightfully light tomato Parmesan bread was a telltale sign of the perfection that was in store. The in-house pastry chef has mastered the artistry of fresh herbs, quality oils, and the right amount of cheese – common qualities throughout the myriad indulgences.

Sweet pea arancini lands on the table. Fried to a perfectly crisp golden brown and garnished with a delicate pea shoot, the understated presentation belies the grandiose flavour of the mozzarella and truffle crema underneath.

The “l’atomica” pizza drives it home; spicy chorizo and chili oil balanced by fior di latte on a crisp thin crust. A tomato sauce teeming with the signature flavour of fresh herbs holds all of it together. It’s perfect for sharing and leaves room for the pasta that followed – ricotta and artichoke casoncelli.


Finally, the pastry chef shines again with the caramel doughnuts for dessert; salty caramel, sweet mascarpone cream, rich, melt-in-your-mouth drops from heaven, and a perfect hint of citrus in the form of lemon sugar. This is a dessert of kings. It’s a feeling with staying power, perhaps it’s called love: L’Unita’s secret and staple ingredient found in every dish.

His Rating 

For a Business Meeting: 8/10. The menu is something for everyone and the atmosphere is comfortable. A great place to be productive and impressive all at once. 

With a Group: 8/10. The place just has a traditional Italian family feel. Groups of friends or family enjoying wine and pasta just makes sense. 

On a Date: 9/10. Quiet, sophisticated, nice wine. Take her out for a night in Yorkville – you’ll be glad you did.

Her Rating: 

For a Business Meeting: 9/10. Break bread, converse and deepen the relationship. The best business decisions are made when you are made to feel like you are amongst friends. 

With a Group: 9/10. This “stumble upon” location is polished to impress but radiating with warmth. Celebrate that special milestone alongside candlelight and outstanding cuisine without feeling like you ever left your own living room.

On a Date: 10/10. Love is in the air at L’Unita – and even if you’re not lovin’ your date, at least you’ll love the food. 

His Last Word: Can’t miss. Make this a go-to for any special occasion.
Her Last Word: They had me at the bread.


Cover Photo: L’Unita by Rick O Brien

Other Photos: L’Unita