Notable Recipe: The Perfect Caesar

Mixing the four main components of a Caesar correctly shouldn’t be too difficult; 1 1/2 oz vodka, 1/4 tsp Worcestershire sauce, Clamato juice and Tabasco sauce at your discretion. It’s the details that set apart the perfect spicy Caesar from one you could order pretty much anywhere. These details, specifically, come from Ontario-based Matt & Steve’s, who have crafted the perfect additions to this Canadian classic. 

It starts with the Extreme Bean, preferably spicy but also available in garlic and dill, a highly addictive Caesar accessory that’s both bold and crunchy. They’re equally as great on their own; we’ve easily downed half a jar on several occasions. An alternative to Tobasco sauce that will still provide sufficient heat can be achieved by mixing the brine from the spicy Extreme Bean with your cocktail. Of course no Caesar is complete without the rim, a delicious final touch also available from Matt & Steve’s. You’re probably craving one after reading all this, so here’s how to make one yourself: 

1. Find a glass
2. Soak rim of glass in lime juice, swirl glass liberally with Matt & Steve’s Gourmet  Bloody Caesar Rim
3. Fill glass to the top with ice
4. 1ml Worcestershire sauce
5. 28ml Extreme Bean brine
6. 1 1/2 oz vodka (or double)
7. Fill to top with Clamato
8. Sprinkle rim on top
9. Add a lime wedge
10. Garnish with Matt & Steve’s Extreme Bean or B’nOlive