Notable Reads: November 8, 2011

11/22/63: A Novel
Hitting shelves today, Stephen King’s latest (and possibly) greatest could change the way you think things through. The premise is based on life’s greatest question: “What if?” What if you could go back and change something in your life or someone else’s? How would things be different now? Jake Epping gets first-hand experience in 11/22/63, and his adventures will alter his life forever. When he enters a portal to the past and is brought back as George Amberson, his mission is to prevent the Kennedy assassination from ever happening. 11/22/63: A Novel is already an online bestseller, and is sure to fly off the shelves.

Cold Hard Truth: On Business, Money & Life
Let’s get down to business YPs. We’re sure you already know what you’re doing (right?), but Kevin O’Leary just wants to make sure you’re on the right track. Fear him not, the popular Dragon’s Den personality – with a figurative forked-tongue – shares in his newest book the secrets that boosted his success and got him to where he is today. A memoir of sorts, Kevin opens up and expresses his own experiences and knowledge in a candid, honest way – a brutally, brutally honest way. This helpful business guide was on the Globe and Mail Bestseller list, so it seems like Kevin must be doing something right…

Unquenchable: A Tipsy Quest For The World’s Best Bargain Wines
Author Natalie MacLean sets out on a journey to the ends of the earth in order to find the greatest wines at the best budget prices, and in doing so encounters the inevitable…Her findings include unique characters, exotic food and drink, absurdity and humour. As wine fanatics are critical of their choices, MacLean is one who believes that great wines do not have to precede great prices. And so her journey becomes much more complicated. Fitting in with some of our own most popular Notable events, we think this book will give you a good laugh, and perhaps a better sense of judgment on vino, and people, alike.

The New New Rules: A Funny Look at How Everybody but Me Has Their Head Up Their Ass
Bill Maher’s new book of political riffs will give you insight on most things you hear on the news – same-sex marriage, healthcare, celebrity meltdowns, etc. Insight comes from the very ‘affable’ mind of Maher, filled with devilish humour and intelligent rants. Following his bestselling The New Rules, The New New Rules will have you adopting a new outlook on all things political…while marvelling at this wordsmith’s charms, of course. Hits shelves November 14th.

Robertson’s Book of Firsts: Who Did What for the First Time
The Book of Firsts is a collective tome of first-time events and happenings compiled from over 50 years of the author’s research. Patrick Robertson delivers his collection with charm and confidence in this book that includes numerous accounts with social relevance including events, as well as achievements, inventions and the beginnings of new trends. Noted (and credited) are some very reputable history buffs, scientists, inventors, and innovators. The Book of Firsts was released November 1st…we’re guessing no coincidence there.