Notable Reads: Cineplex Entertainment’s Matt DeVuono

Matt DeVuono is the Director of Alternative Programming at Cineplex Entertainment. He works in the division also known as Front Row Centre Events and primarily focuses on event programming for cinema, both live and pre-recorded, that falls outside of the traditional theatrical release windows. Matt started in 1993 as an usher and concession attendant and has worked in various roles at home office since 2000. He began working in Alternative Programming when the division was created in 2005. In addition to Met Opera, WWE, Dance & Stage events, Classic & fan-favourite film programming and more, one of his latest ventures is Sinister Cinema, a monthly screening series that brings independent horror films to select Cineplex theatres across Canada. The films include unique content, and in some cases special appearances featuring live question and answer sessions with directors, actors and more. These are some of the pages that have shaped his career path…

The Art of Immersion, by Frank Rose.
It provides a unique outlook on how storytelling has changed over the last few years by almost requiring audiences to be involved in the story to fully understand the intended experience by the storytellers. It references how web videos, interactive games and real-life challenges can supplement film and television shows to continue the story, and how the marketing of a program is almost as important as the story itself. References include ‘Lost’, ‘The Dark Knight’, Nike+, and several marketing/TV/film programs. Being actively immersed in world of alternative programming for cinema, I found it to be a very inspiring read since it challenges readers (and viewers) to experience their choice of entertainment in a much different way than they are used to.

One Red Paperclip, by Kyle Macdonald.
Spoiler alert… Kyle trades one red paperclip for a house. Sort of. At its core, this is a simple story about a simple guy with a simple goal: to trade a paperclip for another item valued slightly higher until he has something worthy and valuable enough for an actual house. It’s an inspiring story about following through with a goal, no matter how impossible it may sound at the outset. Kyle now makes himself available for speaking engagements and tells his story quite often to inspire others. 

Rebel Without a Crew, by Robert Rodriguez.
Going through my high school and university years, I was fortunate to be amidst a re-emergence of ‘cool’ independent and mainstream cinema and uniquely talented, up-and-coming filmmakers: Quentin Tarantino, the Coen brothers, David Fincher, Todd Haynes, Kevin Smith, Richard Linklater, Paul Thomas Anderson to name a few… and also a young Texan filmmaker named Robert Rodriguez. His book details his trek to create his first feature film, El Mariachi, for only $7,000, which started on the festival circuit in 1992. The amount of ambition, innovation and passion he describes to craft his vision of a simple story is phenomenal, and doubles as a great, hilarious and inspiring instruction manual for young filmmakers with a vision of their own. As a student in love with cool camera angles and cheap, cool movie violence, I found a new inspiration with Robert Rodriguez’s tales on making your vision come true.

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