Notable Poll: Who Makes the Best Caesar in Toronto?

The Canadian cocktail.

If you’re picturing anything other than a cold Caesar staring at you the morning after, we question your nationality. Come summertime, we’re not sure there’s anything more quintessentially Canuck than tucking into a Clamato and vodka combo. So we want you to tell us who’s mixing up the best blend in Toronto, ‘cause the right to claim best Caesar in the city is one that shouldn’t be taken lightly. If a little hair of the dog has ever saved you (and we know it has), you owe that sweet relief some voting power.

And since so many new patios are opening up in T.O., we’re extending our Best Patio Poll for one more week. Tell us your favourite spot to get outside today. (Perhaps, even, to enjoy the best Caesar in the city…)


Fynn’s of Temple Bar.
Classic Caesar, BBQ Smokehouse Caesar, Vegan Caesar. What can’t these guys do?

Rock Lobster
Lobster tail as garnish. Obviously. 

Pour House
$2.99 gets you vodka and Clamato and then you build the rest at their Caesar bar. How can it not be the best when you’re making it exactly to your taste?

Mildred’s Temple Kitchen
Smoky, traditional, and pretty. Just looking at it makes you feel better.

The Drake
Always a double and always the option of going with gin or tequila instead of vodka. ‘Cause Caesars need to work with the mood you’re in.


County General
Dill-infused Clamato with Carroll & Co. Bloody Mix and the option to go bourbon with BBQ sauce. Is there any other way but bloody?

Farmhouse Tavern
Smoked oysters. That is all.

Saffron and basil-infused gin or horseradish-infused vodka. Decisions, decisions. 

Hair Of The Dog
Balanced, well priced, and traditional. So basically, the opposite of the night that led you here.


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