Notable Poll: Who Makes the Best Caesar in Montreal?

Canada’s unofficial (but totally official) drink.

Of course, we’re talking about the Caesar.

Over 350 million Caesars are consumed in Canada annually, and with that number come a lot of variations on this classic vodka and clamato cocktail.

From garnishing it with shrimp, clams, and even lobster claws, to adding a twist of bacon, the Caesar has been re-invented across Montreal and comes in all sort if flavours and sizes.

So we want you to tell us who’s doing this Canadian special the best. After all, your hangover needs to have someone to thank.

Take a look at the options below and let us know where you prefer to get your clam juice. If there’s somewhere you like that we haven’t listed, simply select “Other” and enter their name. We’ll be sure to include them in the final bill. 



L’Gros Luxe 

Joe Beef 

Garde Manger

Lucille’s Oyster Dive


Le North End

La Salle a Manger 

Le Saloon 


Big in Japan Bar


Lucille’s Image from: Risa D.

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