Notable Poll: Where’s the Best Skiing and Snowboarding Around Toronto?

If we’re going to live in a powdery climate, we might as well take advantage of our alpine alternatives.

While we don’t have any Banffs or Whistlers or Mont-Tremblants, we do have some great options for an active day of freshies, freestyling, and faceplanting. Within only a couple of hours you can be atop a hill, bounding towards your reward of a cozy après. The question is: who has the best black diamonds, the sweetest squares, and the most generous green circles?

Take a look at our suggestions below and let us know which kinda-close-to-Toronto-slopes you think are king for carving. If you have somewhere else in mind, simply select ‘other’, enter the name and we’ll make sure they get some air, too…



Osler Bluff Ski Club

Blue Mountain

Horseshoe Resort

Hockley Valley Ski Resort

Mount St. Louis Moonstone

Dagmar Resort

Lakeridge Ski Resort

Glen Eden

Hidden Valley Highlands


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