Notable Poll: What’s Your Favourite Calgary Restaurant?

If you’re reading this right now, you’re probably one of us.

You get texts on the regular asking for emergency advice on where to take a date. You’re also the go-to decision maker when it’s time for a team lunch. And when someone’s parents are in town, you’re preparing them a mood-dependent itinerary.

We get you, and we want in on that action.

With new spots opening in all quadrants of the city what feels like every week, it can be hard to stay on top of the best of the best. You know this, because admit it, there was a time in the recent past you suggested The Coup to someone while it was closed for renovations.

How. Mortifying.

Embarrassing blunders aside, we trust your judgment and want to hear your thoughts on where that one perfect meal comes from; the place you take that out-of-town guest who’s here for one night, because you know it consistently captures the essence of our vibrant food scene.

So what do you say, Calgary – who takes top spot on your all-time favourite young professional restaurant list? Select any of the options below or feel free to add any restaurant into the ‘other’ category and we’ll count them all up and let you know who the winner is next week:






River Cafe




Model Milk




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