Notable Poll: What’s Toronto’s Best Bar Patio on the West Side?

Last month, we listed 17 Toronto patios we were excited for this year, but now it’s time for you to tell us where you hope to do the most Sangria-scarfing, cocktail-cramming, wine-wielding and beer-binging. 

And maybe a little bit of snacking too. “They” say you’re supposed to do that when you drink. 

Right now, we’re focusing on bar patios on the Westerly side of town, with the other areas and eventually restaurant patios going to a vote in the coming weeks.

So take a look at the options below and let us know who you think is west-side Toronto’s Duke of Decks. If there’s somewhere missing, just select “Other” and enter their name. We’ll make sure they don’t miss last call…  



Amsterdam Brewhouse
Bellwood’s Brewery
Oasis Rooftop
Thompson Rooftop
The Black Bull Tavern
Maison Mercer
The Drake Sky Yard
The Cadillac Lounge
The Brazen Head

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