Notable Poll: What’s the Best Women’s Hair Salon in Toronto?

Ladies, this is about to get serious – we’re talking hair.

As with any fulfilling romance, finding the right ‘guy’ or ‘girl’ in the right hair joint lies at the center of aesthetic enchantment and physical confidence. Whether it’s never taking a shortcut while doing a long cut, or dye jobs that are, well, to die for, a great experience at a great salon can put you on your A-game for weeks.

And there really is a special relationship that forms between stylist and stylee; protective, nurturing, supportive…one might even call what they provide, “Hairapy”.

Which is why we expect this week’s poll to be more heated than a T3 Featherweight on prom night.

Take a look at our suggestions below and if you have somewhere else in mind simply select ‘other’, enter the name and we’ll make sure they’re included in the final count.



Civello Salon & Spa – Queen West or Rosedale

Lid Salon – Yorkville

Voulez Beauty Boutique – St. Clair West

Flaunt Boutique – Carlaw

Day and Night – Dundas West

Fuss Hair Studio – Queen East

Greatful Head – Roncesvalles

World Salon – Adelaide East

Salon Dew – Scollard (Yorkville)



Images: Facebook

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