Notable Poll: What’s the Best Vegetarian Restaurant in Montreal?

One thing Montreal is definitely known and loved for is its culinary scene.

And while meat may play its part, Montreal also does a hell of a job catering to herbivores too.

From Chinese vegetarian classics to fresh-pressed juices and veggie-friendly takeou, we scouted and searched the entire city to bring you the best vegetarian from Griffintown all the way to the Plateau.

So check out our list of options below and select one. Or, if you think something is missing, please select “Other” and enter their name. We’ll make sure they get the green love they deserve:



The Green Panther

Aux Vivres

Invitation V



Lola Rosa Cafe


Restaurant Yuan Vegetarian

Résonance Cafe

Cafe Santropol


Cover image from: ChuChai

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