Notable Poll: What’s the Best Patio in Calgary?

Before we begin, we feel the need to share our condolences with anyone reading in the Eastern half of Canada, because we’ve been sitting on patios a lot more than you have over the past few months. 

Sorry about that. We promise, we didn’t take them for granted. 

Now that a more legitimate patio season is upon us,  (we hope) it’s time to really narrow down where Calgarians should be spending the next 180 days of sunshine (give or take a few for the inevitable rain in June and snowstorm in May and September). 

Thanks to an active winter season for restaurant openings, we think the results of this will be hard to predict. And just to make it that much harder, we’re eliminating the obvious vote: The Ship and Anchor. 

So will it be another 17th Avenue hotspot, a downtown rooftop, or a classic-yet-covert gem? We’re eager to find out where you’ll be lounging away your lazy summer days and nights, so please, enlighten us: 



1. National on 8th

2. Bonterra

3. Corbeaux Bakehouse


5. River Cafe

6. Broken City

7. Vin Room

8. Container Bar

9. Local 510

10. Other (please specify)

Title Photo Credit: Distant Minds


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