Notable Poll: What’s the Best Mexican Restaurant in Toronto?

It’s summer. It’s hot. This is the food you want.

Tacos, tequila, queso, pollo. Whatever. Just as long as it comes out spicy, we’re happy.

We do realize, however, that this is going to be another ‘tricky’ poll. Best Mexican can be defined in so many ways. Are we including atmosphere or just heading there for flavour? How much does a margarita mean to you? What’s your take on a taco joint that only does, well, tacos? One thing, however, to keep in mind, is that it needs to be a restaurant – as in, there has to be at least one table where you can sit and enjoy your meal.

Take a look at our suggestions below and if you have somewhere in mind, simply select ‘other’, enter the name, and answer the skill-testing question (what cheese is not your cheese?)



Fonda Lola
We already told you how good this place is. And now they’ve added a patio.

Seven Lives – Tacos Y Mariscos
Just a little something authentic in the heart of Kensington Market is all. 

We love the kind of place where we can learn a thing or two.

El Catrin
If you like your Mexican outside, this is where you want to go.  

Well worth the trip out of your comfort zone (see: North of Bloor).

Playa Cabana
Pick any in the family. We couldn’t pick just one ‘cause they’d take up half the suggestions.

El Caballito
Sometimes it’s the tequila selection that matters most.  

Agave y Agucate
If you still don’t know who Francisco Alejandri is we might have to break up with you.

Grand Electric
Remember our taco comment in the intro? Well, this is that place. But there’s a reason people stand in line for hours… 


You know all the cool places, don’t you?


This Poll is now closed, click here to see the winner.



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