Notable Poll: What’s the Best Men’s Haircut in the City?

We once heard, “The ideal hair strategy for a professional male is to regularly get your hair cut in such a way that it never looks like you got a haircut.” If he didn’t have a man-bun, we would have sworn Buddha said that.

Whether it’s blending into a look, defining one, or getting more of them in general, haircuts are a notable factor for the young professional male.

And while looking sharp is critical, a fast, cost-effective experience and a masculine atmosphere also play into the overall appeal of a man’s grooming gig. Remember – guys like shiny objects too. Sometimes, a television playing sports highlights can push a haircut over the goal line. A beautiful woman watering and trimming the hedge can put a guy into shear bliss (not to mention a self high-five for that pun).

There are all kinds of factors to consider and even more options from which to choose in the great city of Toronto. So take a look at our suggestions below and let us know where you think the best spot to get your hairs did happens to be. And ladies, feel free to pipe in as well.

If you have somewhere else in mind simply select ‘other’, enter the name and we’ll make sure they’re included in the final cut (man, we are just RAZOR SHARP with the puns today).

Gotstyle (barber shop in menswear store) – King & Bathurst

 John Allan’s Men’s Grooming Club – Yonge & Queen

Truefitt & Hill – Scotia Plaza or Brookfield Place

 Garrison’s By the Park Barbershop – Queen & Strachan

The Crow’s Nest Barber Shop – Kensington Market

Ivan Hair Salon – Yonge and Victoria 

Original Grooming Experts (OGX) – Richmond & Brant

 Mankind – Richmond & Brant

 Parlour Salon – Ossington Strip or Queen East



Images: Facebook, yelp

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