Notable Poll: What’s the Best Ice Cream in Toronto?

Summer’s almost over, which means by this point you’ve had more than enough time to sink your teeth in to the best ice cream in the city (and learn a thing or two about brain freeze).

Now all we want to know is where you got it.

Below you’ll find a list of nine notable downtown locations we think deserve a nomination, but that’s not to say you can’t vote for any cone server in the entire city. As long as you know the name, simply select ‘other’, enter that name, and we’ll count up every vote when all is said and done. 

We scream. You Scream. Now vote.



Ed’s Real Scoop
This Toronto institution is spreading west with its latest of three locations hitting Roncesvalles. Vote for any of them here, it’s all the same deliciousness.  

The Film Buff
A flurry of media articles have come out recently lamenting the loss of The Buff’s east end location. We say, instead of writing about a closing, visit their still-open Roncy location. Little goes better with a movie than popcorn and ice cream.

Bang Bang Ice Cream & Bakery
We already told you, or should we say warned you, about how good the ice cream is here. And if you choose to take it between two fresh baked cookies, all the better.

The Big Chill
A retro ice cream parlour in Little Italy is the perfect place to grab a cool treat. This is for everyone who appreciates a colourful throwback with their cone.  

Greg’s Ice Cream
For nearly 30 years, this has been the Annex’s answer to where you should get your favourite flavour.

The Lansdowne Cone
Bloordale is a happening place to be these days and part of the reason is definitely the ability to grab a quality cone seven days a week.

White Squirrel
Okay, yes, they’re serving up Greg’s Ice Cream. But sometimes it’s not only about the flavour, it’s about where you take your cone to enjoy it. Like, say, Trinity Bellwoods on a hot afternoon.  

Sweet Olenka’s
You’d usually have to travel to Etobicoke to pick up some of their, um, sweet stuff, but all summer long you can visit their pop-up shop at 1050 Queen W.

Summer’s Ice Cream
Remember when we gave you 11 Things to Do in Toronto Before Summer’s Over? Well, an ice cream from Summer’s is #8. 

You know all the cool places, don’t you?


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