Notable Poll: What’s the Best Food Truck in Toronto?

Summer. Food. You.

When you’re out and about this season we’d argue the best way to pick up a meal is from one of our city’s premium food trucks. However, with nearly 70 registered on, we expect a few of you to get up in arms about the selections we’ve provided below. 

And we want you to. 

Exchanging money for sustenance whilst standing street-side is one of the oldest traditions we have. In fact, it’s all the separated us from the apes in the beginning. So don’t let bad decisions be made and CLICK HERE TELL US WHAT TORONTO’S BEST FOOD TRUCK IS.

Also, check out last week’s results for the best Caesar here. 

Food Dudes 
We’ve already told you the amazing things these guys are up to.

Gourmet Bitches
All women. Gluten-free. In their own words, “redefining the word bitch, one bite at a time.” 

This is how you deli. Also, the truck’s called Thunderin’ Thelma. Which is clearly amazing.

Hogtown Smoke
Their restaurant is fantastic but it’s the food from their truck that made them their name.   

Bacon Nation
Remember those rumours a few years ago about their being a bacon shortage? Neither do we.

Gourmet Gringos
Authentic Mexican. Go spicy or go home. 

Pretty Sweet
Cupcakes. What more do you need to know?

Fidel Gastro’s
Peanut butter pulled pork with bacon jam. Sorry, we suddenly forgot what we were saying… 

Karma ChaMEALeon
Eco-friendly vegan to-go all the way from Steeltown.


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