Notable Poll: What’s the Best Chinese Restaurant in Vancouver?

When it comes to Chinese food, the conversation has fortunately progressed past chow mein and into more nuanced arguments about the best xiaolongbao.

Though we’re still waiting on a Din Tai Fung to make it up here, there are thousands of other delicious Chinese spots to choose from.

Hey, we don’t call it Hongcouver for nothing.

While we tried to put together a properly curated list to choose from. it’s unlikely that we’ve covered all of your favourites in the 10 listed below. 

If you think something is missing, please select “Other” and add their name. We’ll be sure to get them in before the gong sounds.



Daisy Garden
Flamingo Restaurant
Sun Sui Wah
The Jade Seafood Restaurant
Sea Harbour Seafood Restaurant
Max Noodle House
Tsui Hang Village
Ho Yuen Kee
Bao Bei

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