Notable Poll: What’s the Best Brunch in Vancouver?

If you ask us, Vancouver’s favourite pastime has nothing to do with watching the Canucks flail – it’s actually spending the weekend planning, and then enjoying, brunch. 

There really isn’t anything better than utilizing those precious days off work to lounge midday with friends while noshing on endless supplies of bacon. 

And if a couple of Caesars should join you, who are we to judge…? 

But in a city with as many options as Vancouver, everyone has their favourite go-to. So we’ve come up with some of the most notable brunch spots in the city for you to cast your vote. If there’s somewhere you like that we haven’t listed, simply select “Other” and enter their name. We’ll make sure they’re included on the final bill…



Yolk’s Restaurant and Commissary
Farmer’s Apprentice
Ask For Luigi
Cafe Salade des Fruits
Heirloom Vegetarian
Thyme to Indulge

The Oakwood Canadian Bistro
Tuc Craft Kitchen
Red Wagon
La Brasserie


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