Notable Poll: What’s the Best BBQ in Toronto?

Despite what your mom tells you, you’re not the best BBQer in the city.

In fact, there are so many amazing BBQ options in Toronto that we’ve blown today’s poll up with more selections than ever. So much so that we were filled up enough to give the superb Stack the shaft (sorry, it’s just that Yonge & Lawrence isn’t really in our wheelhouse).

That’s not to say, however, that you can’t vote for any restaurant in the entire city. As long as you know the name, simply select ‘other’, enter that name, and we’ll count up every vote when all is said and done.

Grab your wet-naps and let the BBQ wars begin.



The Stockyards
Tried and true. This is your St. Clair go-to for some of the best in the city.

Barque Smokehouse
Roncy’s answer to how to do Southern-style right. We agree.

Hogtown SmokeHouse 
We told you last year that this was a must-try. What have you been doing with your time?

Big Crow
If the smell of fresh wood, the sound of a passing train, and the flicker of an open flame sound good, this is your BBQ escape in the city.

Electric Mud BBQ
This is your wait and hurry up option. But the food makes the line and the quick turnaround worth it.

Marky & Sparky’s Smokehouse
They have a loyalty program that ends up earning you free meat. And what’s better than free meat? Don’t answer that, because you can’t.

This east end locale doesn’t just offer nighttime BBQ, they smoke your brunch as well.

Greenwood Smokehouse
Greektown has one of the best BBQ joints in the city. And it has one of the best veggie burgers. Yup, you’re right to be confused by both of those statements.

Smoke Bourbon Bar-B-Q House 
Smoked wings, mussels, veggies, cheese, fish, chicken, Texas-style beef ribs, and St. Louis-style racks of ribs. Oh, and it has a picture of De Niro and Pacino on the website.  

Smoque N Bones
Bellwoods as a patio option certainly helps, but it’s the quality of the ribs that impressed us the most.

Um, Texas-style dry rub seven days a week until midnight? Deal.

You know all the cool places, don’t you?


This Poll is now closed, click here to see the winner.



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