Notable Poll: What’s Montreal’s Best Spot for a Mani and Pedi?

Warm weather is finally on its way, and you know what that means: open-toe shoes.

No matter who you are, keeping up the appearance of your hands and feet is always on top of the list – especially when the sun comes out. After all, our poor fingers and toes have been hibernating in thick socks and gloves for long enough and they deserve some pampering. 

So this week’s poll is all about the best place to buffer and shine your nails. From the Plateau to Griffintown, we want to know your favourite spot to get that new topcoat.



NStyle Nail Lounge

M Salon 514

Rouge Nail Bar

Barbarella Spa

Lio Fratelli

Spa Diva

Candy Nail Bar

Runway Beauty Bar 

Pedicure Shop


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