Notable Poll: What’s Montreal’s Best Greek Food?

With warm weather comes a new way of eating. Our cravings are drifting further away from heavy poutines and are turning toward a lighter, healthier fare.

We’re talking about Mediterranean cuisine, of course, of which our favourite is definitely Greek.

With the huge population of Greeks in Montreal, it is only natural that we have been blessed with a plethora of delicious and authentic Greek restaurants.

From the traditional, family-run to the trendy, from Parc-Ex to Outremont, the choices tap into every taste and craving.

We’ve compiled a list of the most authentic Greek spots in our city, so click the box that represents your favourite or select ‘other’ if we’ve overlooked one of your personal favourites.



Mythos Ouzeri

Tripoli Restaurant

Restaurant Zante

Le Jardin de Panos





Yia Sou Greek Grill

Philinos Restaurant Bar

Marven’s Restaurant


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