Notable Poll: What’s Calgary’s Best First Date Spot?

In the words of Olivia Newton John, “Summer lovin’ happened so fast”.

Summer in Calgary may be a subjective term, but the warmer months generally mean we’re ready to ditch the coach potato routine and give our love lives priority over binge watching House of Cards. No disrespect to Kevin Spacey.

If you’ve already spotted that cute blonde or tall, dark and handsome stranger across the patio, then it’s only a matter of time before someone ends up popping the always awkward but exciting question:” Can I call you sometime?” 

This is precisely why, this week, we’re asking the questions. When you find that spring fling or summer romance, where will you be heading for your very first rendezvous?

Below we’ve compiled a list of tried and true YYC date places that are guaranteed to make a good impression, so click the box of your romantic destination or select ‘other’ if we’ve overlooked one of your personal favourite go-to spots for first dates.

Brava Bistro
Vin Room
Winebar Kensington
Black Pig
River Cafe
Without Papers

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