Notable Poll: What is Toronto’s Best New Restaurant of 2014?

Very few cities in the world can say that just about every year they get to take a new, creative bite into just about every major and emerging global cuisine.

And not just a little bite; a big bite.

Like, an “everyone in the restaurant is looking at you because you might need the Heimlich” kind of bite. 

In Toronto we’re beyond blessed to have brilliant chefs shower us with creative, thoughtful spins on everything from Chinese to Middle Eastern, and Mediterranean all the way to Indonesian. And while we’re always taught not to chew with our fingers pointed – or something like that – we need to crown this city’s 2014 King of Cuisine.

Ambiance, service, creativity, cocktails; it all matters and we want to know who you thought had the temperature up on all the most important elements. Take a look at the options below and place your vote. If there’s somewhere else you think should be included – and we know there will be – select “Other” and enter their name. We’ll make sure to get them on the menu before we tap(as) into the results… 



Fat Pasha

The Chase Fish & Oyster


The Good Son


People’s Eatery

Little Sister


Yasu Sushi-Bar

Cafe Bar Pasta

Portland Variety


Cover image from: The Chase

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