Notable Poll: What is Toronto’s Best Chinese Food?

As a city and as young professionals, we’ve come a long way since Ho-Lee-Chow and The Mandarin. 

From the quick and classic to the long and luxurious, Toronto rivals any world city (outside China of course) for its selection of Chinese cuisine.

And while there are literally hundreds of great spots, in the spirit of being Notable, we want to know which one does it best. Which Chinese restaurant in Toronto is so good that it brings you to your Canto-knees? 

Take a look at the options below and make your selection. Realistically, there are over a thousand great Chinese restaurants in this city and it’s unlikely that we have captured all your favourites with the nine below. We tried, but if you think something is missing, please select “Other” and add their name. We’ll be sure to get them in before the gong sounds… 



Dynasty Chinese Cuisine

Mother’s Dumplings

Luckee Restaurant

Taste of China

King’s Noodle

Swatow Restaurant

Lai Wah Heen

Asian Legend

Lee Garden


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