Notable Poll: What is Montreal’s Best Barbershop

A great haircut can make or break a man.

That’s why more and more notable guys are searching for the best barber around town to keep them looking spiffy and sleek.

Besides just skills with the scissors, a great barber will make you feel comfortable, understand your style and become someone you can let loose with when you come to get faded-up over a stiff drink. Yes some of these guys serve whiskey on the rocks.

So whether you’re new to the city or just need a change to your hair routine, we scouted the best barbershops from Old Montreal to the Plateau that promise to keep you so fresh and so clean.

Take a look at the options below and let us know where you prefer to get your split ends trimmed. If there’s somewhere you like that we haven’t listed, simply select “Other” and enter their name. We’ll make sure to wax them into the final product…



Frank and Oak Atelier


Notorious Barbeshop


Maison Privee

Screen Shot 2015-06-02 at 2.18.14 PM



Mohawk Barbier


Scotch & Scissors


Waxman House Barbershop


Chez Pasquale Barber


Blue Dog