Notable Poll: The Best Oysters in Toronto

Very few things are as refreshing on a warm summer patio than a cold drink and an iced plate full of bivalve molluscs.

Or as we prefer to call them, Nature’s Sea-alis.

Or sometimes just, “Oysters”.

They may cost you a-paycheque-a-dozen, but man it’s fun to sprinkle on the shallot vinegar, add a pinch of lemon and literally suck back a clump of gooey goodness as you pretend to give a sh*t about which “Coast” they came from.

The question is: who has the best ones in town? Who is the Prince of Pearls; the Mayor of Molluscville?

Look at the options below and let us know your favorite place in Toronto to go for a good shuck. If you think there’s something missing, just select “Other” and enter their name. We’ll make sure they don’t get shelled…



Oyster Boy

Rodney’s Oyster House

John & Sons Oyster House

Diana’s Seafood Delight

Pearl Diver

The Ceili Cottage

Pure Spirits Oyster House & Grill

Zee Grill Seafood Restaurant & Oyster Bar