Notable Poll: The Best Grilled Cheese in Toronto?

It seems so easy. 

Put some cheese between a few slices of bread and bingo – you’ve got yourself a delicious sandwich.

Only, some people just do it better. Like, we-would-eat-them-everyday better.

So despite the fact that you once owned a Panini press and even dabbled in making your own dipping sauce (blending ketchup and relish is not a ‘winner’), we’re going to go ahead and say that the nine restaurants below make a far superior grilled special than you.   

That’s not to say you can’t vote for any kitchen in the city, though. As long as you know the name, simply select ‘other’, enter that name (as long as it’s not your own), and we’ll count up every vote when all is said and done.



The Grilled Cheese
It’s called The Grilled Cheese for crying out loud.

Chinese BBQ pork, smashed avocado, braised beef brisket, double-cream Brie – these are just a few of the ingredients you can choose from.

Cut the Cheese
We already told you how good this place is. If you haven’t been there yet, your trust issues need to be dealt with immediately.

The Stockyards
The Stockyards continually offers some of the best sandwiches in the city. Why would their grilled cheese be any different?

Aunties and Uncles
Grilled Brie with pear chutney or traditional grilled Canadian cheddar with homemade ketchup. Decisions, decisions.

Melt Grilled Cheese
You could get from Scarborough to Oakville and enjoy five of their fantastic locations along the way. There’s a reason Melt continues to spread. We recommend The Godfather.

Porchetta and Co
Only offered as a special (it is NOT on their regular menu), you’re going to have to follow them – @porchettaandco – if you want to know when you can catch this porchetta + crackling combo with caramelized onion jam under aged white cheddar.

Glow Press
When you’re dealing with the headache that is shopping at Yorkdale on a weekend, what better comfort food than a gourmet grilled cheese to calm you down?

Millwood Melt
Although they’re officially closed up until September 2nd, the sandwiches you’ll find here are more than worth the wait (and the venture from downtown).

You know all the cool places, don’t you?


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