Notable Perfect Party Pitchers

It’s summertime and the weather’s fine. Weekend lounging by the poolside or in a backyard with some notable company is one of our fave ways to pass the dog days of summer. And what’s a casual and relaxing day without some notable bevvies? We’ve got three lounge-worthy recipes for perfect party pitchers.

Pimm’s Pitcher
We love this refreshing liquid gold. It’s crisp, easy to make, and most definitely a worthy addition at your summer soiree. Muddle some mint leaves lightly in the bottom of a pitcher, throw in a few handfuls of ice, then pour in a cup of Pimm’s, a 1/2 cup of gin, and a litre of iced tea or lemonade (or half and half). Stir and enjoy.

Spiked Tea
Brew up a litre of your favourite flavoured tea – like a mild peppermint green or a standard orange pekoe – and sweeten to taste then chill. When ready, add in a cup and a half of your favourite whiskey or bourbon and squeeze in the juice of one lemon.

White Wine Sangria
We had to throw this recipe into the mix. Pour a bottle of white (try a not-too-sweet VQA Riesling), a half cup of brandy, and a couple sliced peaches into a pitcher. Add in one cinnamon stick, some mandarin and lime segments, and a few cups of your preferred juice – might we recommend some pineapple, or pink grapefruit, or white peach. Let sit overnight. Pour sangria into glasses and add a splash of club soda. Ah…refreshing.

Image courtesy austinfotofreak’s blog.