Notable Office Gadget: Desktop Water Dispenser

We all know that water is good for us, and we all know we should probably drink more of it. As busy, often desk-bound young professionals, however, this is of course much easier said than done. Maybe you find it easier to grab that can of soda from your workbag under the desk than to head to office kitchen, or you figure you can just wait until noon to have that juice in your lunch. Perhaps avoiding the water cooler crew is your reason for not drinking enough water. Whatever excuses you have, we have the excuse-busting solution: the desktop water dispenser.

As health and wellness become more important to young professionals, desktop water dispensers are quickly turning into the newest must-have office gadget.  The compact water dispensers come in a variety of sizes, and with a range of functions, from simple inverted water bottle dispensers to larger electrical water coolers/heaters.

Water – what’s the big deal?
Sure we’ve all heard it before: healthy humans require 8-10 glasses of water each day; the body is made up of 2/3 water; and by the time you feel thirsty you are likely already dehydrated.  But did you also know that drinking enough water can aid in your productivity at work, the betterment of your mood, in losing those last stubborn pounds, avoiding colds and flues, relieving muscle aches, and help rid you of that annoying afternoon headache? People who start on a conscious plan to drink more water often report that their overall health and happiness improve in ways they never expected.  Your lack of energy, migraine headaches, and concentration issues at work may very well be due to your lack of water intake throughout the workday.

In sight, in mind
While you might not be the type to regularly head to the vending machine for a sugary sweet or an oily snack, we all know that when a bag of M&Ms or a bowl of chips is put in front of us, we are much more likely to partake. Thankfully, this same indulgent mentality also works for water. With a desktop water dispenser sitting right in front of you, you will be surprised at how often you reach for a gulp. If you splurge for the high-end heater/cooler version, you not only get to enjoy ice-cold water, but can also prepare healthy herbal teas right from your seat. Once your body becomes used to getting all the water it wants, it will demand it always, and drinking all that goodness will become a lovely mindless habit.

Using your time wisely
By having your water source right at your desk the need for trips to the communal water cooler will cease to exist. Not only will this give you more time to focus on work, but it will help keep those waves of creativity and concentration flowing, without interruptions from your thirst. Avoiding the water cooler also allows you to opt out of some of the usual office gossip, known to take place at the cliché locale. Of course, it is important and enjoyable to socialize with coworkers, but we all know that chitchat can be saved for lunch breaks. By skipping out on those walks to the water cooler and sticking to the job at hand, your work can only improve, and your boss and clients are sure to be appreciative.

On an additional note, for those many people who simply don’t like the taste (or lack thereof) of water, there are many low-calorie water flavorings now on the market.  So spike your desktop water cooler with one of these liquid or powdered, sugar-free flavorings, and get your taste buds on board with your new healthy habit.