Notable Now: November 2, 2012

Notable Now is our weekly column in metro newspapers in Toronto, Vancouver and Calgary to keep young professionals informed of everything relevant to their social lifestyle. Be sure to consult our listings before filling your social calendar by clicking on your city to view this week’s Notable Now.

From the opening of The Monocle Shop to the relaunch of Toca, we’ve covered everything you need to know this week to stay on top of your social game. Did we mentioned there’s also something called the Toronto International Luxury Chocolate Show coming to town?

This week is a celebration, showcasing and honouring the best in film, charity, weddings and entrepreneurs. If you’ve been planning to take a weekend off from the social circuit, make sure it isn’t this one.

For those who love film, this week’s for you. From the Calgary Latin Wave Film Festival to Banff Mountain Film and Book Festival, we’ve covered all of the events and happenings you should have on your social radar.