Notable Now Calgary: January 17, 2014

The Big Lebowski
On Friday the 17th, the Fifth Reel presents a screening of the ultra-cult classic The Big Lebowksi at the Plaza Theatre. Tonight you are invited to wear a bathrobe out on the town and encouraged to enjoy a few White Russians while you watch the Cohen Brothers’ brilliant film about two men named Lebowski, an area rug, a group of German nihilists and a missing trophy wife. Beer and White Russians will be available for purchase in the lobby and the alt-country band Cold Water will be performing before the film begins. Cold Water has been described as the kind of band that embodies the cold grit of Albertan winters and the glow of the summer prairies. Admission is $10 for members and $13 for non-members. The Dude abides! 

Spem In Alium
The new professional chamber choir of Calgary presents their second concert of the year, which is sure to grab your attention. The concert titled ‘Spem In Alium’, which means ‘Hope In Any Other’ in Latin, is a 40-voice Renaissance piece that was composed over 500 years ago. Sit back and experience the true meaning of surround sound as 40 choir members bring the concert space to life. It is considered a rare and unique opportunity to see a performance of this sort. Spem In Alium will take place at Cathedral Church of the Redeemer, 218 7 Ave. SE on January 19th at 7.30 pm. 

Barenaked Ladies
The Barenaked Ladies come to the Southern Alberta Jubilee Auditorium on January 21st. The group is currently touring with their latest album, ‘Grinning Streak’. These guys have sold over 14 million albums, played for audiences for 25 years and have made 12 studio albums together. Their latest album is already getting attention with the single ‘Boomerang’. You’ll also be delighted to hear classics like ‘One Week’ and ‘If I Had $1,000,000’. You can call 403-297-8000 for tickets. 

ADHD Comedy
In the tradition of Saturday Night Live, ADHD takes audiences for a wild ride with sketch comedy skits that are five minutes or less. The latest skits include: Hipster Makeover, Grandma Sketch Auto and Tim Horton’s Diva. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry and then you’ll wonder why you don’t come to more ADHD shows. Come out to Dicken’s Pub on January 21st at 8pm to get your funny bone tickled. Tickets are $10, and if you need more information, click here. Dicken’s Pub is located at 1000 9th Avenue SW. 

Lunchbox Theatre
If you’re looking for a little entertainment during your lunch hour, you should visit Lunchbox Theatre this week. The latest and wackiest performance is called ‘How Heap and Pebble Took On The World And Won’ and follows the story of Slovakian world champion figure skaters that are now competing in a post-apocalyptic environment where ice no longer exists. The hilarious and absurd theatre performance will run until the 25th of January. Tickets are $28 and the running time is one hour.

The Walrus Talks
Don’t miss getting tickets to the event that is sure to spark thought-provoking conversation. The Walrus organization presents the Walrus Talks series on January 28th at Jack Singer Concert Hall, which is all about discussing issues that are of great significance to Canadians. This year the theme is ‘Tomorrow’ and the guests include a successful mobile app creator, a brilliant physicist, Juno Award-winner Shad and Les Stroud, who is best known as Survivorman. Each guest will have seven minutes to present their insight on what tomorrow holds for Canadians. 403-294-9494. Event begins at 7pm.  

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Cover Image from: The Big Lebowski

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