Notable New Year’s Eve Guide 2014: Toronto Club Edition

This is it – the only midnight that matters. We promise that where you choose to spend the 31st is just as important as who you’re with and what you’re wearing (not to mention what you’re drinking). Hence why we’ve put together the ultimate list of NYE options for young professionals (YPs) in Toronto. So stay with us, cause over the next week we’ll roll out and recommend every desirable destination this city has to offer. From hotels to restaurants, and clubs to events, we’re going to let you know all the best ways you can step into 2014 in style. So choose wisely, YP. The celebration may only last one night, but if play your cards right you could be talking about it all year. 

Countdown at the Club
If you’re in the mood for loud music, a rowdy crowd and flowing booze, pretty much every nightclub in the city will be jam-packed and filled with pretty young party people. When it comes to TO nightclubs, however, there is a fine line between tacky and tasteful. Here are our favourite club options for YPs…

Muzik Mansion Masquerade Ball NYE 2014 Feat. Roger Sanchez
Hit Muzik for your larger-scale, Vegas-like club option (if that’s your thing), where Roger Sanchez and DJ Tay James will spin all night. Be advised: the venue typically attracts a younger crowd of sometimes rowdier partygoers and no shortage of scantily clad females. Be prepared to be spilled on, but to have fun as well. Tickets are $40.

What You’ll Get:
– Very danceable music
– A jam-packed, high-energy experience
– An exceptionally rough morning on January 1st

The Details: Tickets: $39.95; Doors open at 9:00pm; 15 Saskatchewan Rd, find more info here.


New Year’s Eve at The Everleigh
For a more mature crowd (well, as in at least 23-plus), hit The Everleigh for their first-ever New Year’s Eve celebration. Music by Spence Diamonds will include classics, hip-hop, old-skool and current hits. If there’s ever a place to splurge on bottle service, it is at The Everleigh – especially on New Year’s Eve. Bottle service packages are either $1200 all inclusive (8 tickets, 3 premium bottles, four pack of Red Bull flavours, private table and mixers) or $1800 all inclusive (12 tickets, 5 premium bottles, four pack of Red Bull flavours and private table and mixers). 

What You’ll Get:
– A refined club experience in the heart of downtown
– Party favours and a midnight champagne toast
–  A BBM contact, business card and midnight kiss all in the same convo.

The Details: Tickets: $40; 580 King Street West; find more info here.

Minutes to Midnight at Brant House 
A no-fail option for shamelessly danceable and often nostalgic music and a let-loose (but not as loose as the 20-year-old in your typical Entertainment District club) crowd is always Brant House, and New Year’s Eve is no exception. The layout at Brant House is huge (7000 square feet) and open, meaning you wont have to deal with pushing your way through narrow spaces… and there’s always room to dance.

What You’ll Get:
– A sophisticated experience with a more refined set of young professionals
– A flood of high school flashbacks with old-school favourites and inevitable dance floor sing-a-longs.
– A midnight makeout session (those always seem to happen at Brant).  

The Details: Tickets: $30; 522 King Street West; find more info here.  

Bloke and 4th New Year’s Eve
YP favourite restaurant of choice (not surprising when the coveted Food Dudes are behind the culinary offerings) come nightclub after 10, Bloke and 4th will be graced by some of the city’s most seasoned partygoers. Word of advice: for those on the older end of the YP age spectrum, this may not be the best option, as the venue does typically attract an under-30ish crowd. Come for dinner and stay for the party, which will feature the sounds of Your Boy Brian. VIP bottle service packages are available now and start at $750.

What You’ll Get:
– Party favours and champagne toast
– A free bottle of champagne with bottle service and either one or two free tickets
– Pretty young eye candy

The Details: $125 for dinner and entry or $60 for the party; 401 King Street West; reservations and more info here.

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