Notable Men’s Spring Fashion: Patterns and Prints

Prints were everywhere on the runways for men this Spring. From mariachi motifs at Etro, to florals at Prada, and paisley and plaids at Louis Vuitton, there is no shortage to choose from. But if you are like most men, it can be intimidating trying incorporate them into your outfit.

For the more fashionably advanced men, mixing patterns is a great way to show your personality and to stand out from the rest – but doing so can be a delicate task. There are a few rules when it comes to properly commingling patterns.

A safe and subtle way to introduce a printed look is with accessories. Wearing neutrals with one notable, patterned piece is also a good way for men to warm up to the bolder look and typically traditional dressers should stick to tight, smaller patterns versus larger, more adventurous ones.

When it comes to workwear, the shirt comes first. Determine the principal colour in the pattern of your top and choose a tie that has accents with that same leading colour. Observe the size of the patterns in the shirt. Are they large or small? If they are large, then pair with a smaller print and vice versa to keep your look from becoming too busy.

Choosing colours that pair well is equally important. When complementary colours are matched together, they create a harmonious ensemble. The most agreeable combinations are those that are directly opposite from one another in the colour wheel. Orange and blue, purple and yellow, red and green. Opposite hues will provide you with a bold but cohesive look.

Mixing prints can create an audacious statement or a subtle, harmonious look. A striped shirt and patterned tie go best with a plain jacket, and when combining checks and/or stripes it is always best to wear the bolder pattern on your tie.

Though pattern pairing can be tricky and takes a lot of experimenting with your own style to master, it is a great way for young professional men to move out of their comfort zone and breathe new life into their look and spring wardrobe.

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Style images from: GQ

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